Web servers

ANCHOR aims to predict binding regions in proteins that are disordered in isolation but can undergo a disorder-to-order transition upon binding to a structured protein partner.  The approach is based on the energy estimation method and it uses a single amino acid sequence as an input.

IUPred predicts intrinsically disoredered/unstructured proteins and protein regions. Intrinsically unstructured / disordered proteins have no single well-defined tertiary structure in their native, functional state. The IUPred server recognizes such regions from the amino acid sequence based on the estimated pairwise energy content.

Additional web servers and databases I was involved in

Database of Disordered Protein Predictions (External location)
A community resource for pre-computed disorder predictions on a large library of proteins from completely-sequenced genomes. Goals of the database include making statistical comparisons of the various prediction methods freely available to the prediction community, as well as facilitating biological investigation of the disordered protein space.

SCIDE can identify the stabilization center residues in known protein structures.

SCPRED can predict stabilization center residues in protein with unknown structure.

TMDET is an online tool for the detection of the transmembrane regions of membrane proteins by using their 3D structure only.